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The below treatments are available for on-site staff wellness programmes.  All treatments are bespoke to the individuals' requirements with a combination of the below techniques often utilised.  A short confidential consultation is taken at initial appointment to ensure a safe and targeted treatment is given. Aftercare advice and general lifestyle/wellbeing care is also offered:  meditation and breathing techniques for stress relief and post-treatment home exercises, where applicable.


ACUPRESSURE CHAIR MASSAGE - A Japanese style of pressure point massage practiced through clothing on a specially designed massage chair. It targets tension/stress “knots” and stimulates more than 100 therapeutic release points along energy “pathways” on the body. The lower & upper back, shoulders, arms & hands, neck & head are all covered. Beneficial for muscle stiffness, releasing stress knots and overall revitalisation


INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE ​​- This effective, but subtle massage aims to release stress that has accumulated in the tissues, muscles and joints of the head, face, neck and shoulders. It refreshes and brings a sense of calmness and renewed focus. Beneficial for: Headaches, migraines, sinus pressure, stimulating circulation and alleviating stress


​THAI YOGA MASSAGE​- (Pregnancy version also available) : Practiced through comfortable clothing on a thick mat on the floor, consisting of rhythmic acupressure massage techniques, combined with gentle joint mobilisation by using assisted yogic stretches which “mimic” yoga postures . Beneficial for: Sciatica, lower & upper limb stiffness, improved circulation, correcting a poor/stooped posture – the ultimate stretch and release, providing an extra boost of energy


UPPER BODY DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE - A style of massage utilising traditional Western techniques to combat muscle adhesions (“knots”) caused by physical and mental stress.  A small amount of oil is used to allow correct glide and friction movements as well as more comfort when targeting tension in the deep muscle fascia.  Beneficial for:  more targeted and deeper release of tension  in the muscles, allowing better blood and nutrient flow to specific areas to restore muscle action, ease muscle stiffness, headaches etc 


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