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WPP – Corporate Client:
"Alyson is helping us with our employee health and wellbeing arrangements at the WPP London office and we are extremely happy with the positive feedback we have received from staff. Several of our people have commented on how pleased they are with the treatments given, with those who go to her regularly, noticing improvements in their posture and mobility. Our work is desk-based and so it is very helpful to have someone available to us who is able to help with tension in the back and shoulders. Whether she is responding to specific treatment needs or assisting employees with relaxation and general fitness, we have found Alyson to be reliable, friendly and helpful and we are very pleased to have her working with us."

Marie Capes, Director of Finance and Administration, WPP London

"If you work sat at a desk all day, you can't fail to benefit from Aly's treatments. The Thai Yoga Massage is great for realigning posture and putting all the bits of my back into the positions they should be as opposed to where I've let them end up. I have less back pain since I started receiving treatment and since I am now 5 months' pregnant, the treatment is always a welcome relief to the working day, definitely worthwhile."  Charlotte, Accountant


"Aly's corporate treatments are ideal for anyone in a desk-based role.  After my initial acupressure chair massage I felt the tension in my neck and shoulders release and the same feeling returns after every appointment.  Taking 30 minutes out of each week has also helped relieve the stress of a hectic schedule and I would fully recommend Aly to anyone seeking the same result."  Lis, Manager Group Financial Systems


"30 minute sessions once a week with Aly have enabled me to relieve congestion headaches through Indian head massages, as well as general tension and stress in my shoulders and back through acupressure techniques.  I cannot recommend Aly's corporate therapeutic treatments enough to those of us in stressful desk jobs!"   Tim Ascot, Deutsche Bank


""One of the best massages I have had in a long while, Alyson puts care into explaining what she is doing, as much a she does into the massage itself. I would highly recommend her if you want a deep massage that works wonders on those knots!"   Safina, Knowledge Officer



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