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"I was initially sceptical about Thai Yoga Massge, mostly because of my lack of knowledge of Eastern Asian philosophies and techniques. However, I decided to book a treatment with Alyson after a friend recommended her to me. I had an operation on my lower back a few years ago and I still suffer from back ache, so I was initially a little worried about anyone working on my lower back. But Alyson was fantastic – she put me at ease and was so careful and gentle. Her massage worked wonders for my back and my posture. I came out of the session completely relaxed and I felt as if I was walking on air! My back was no longer hurting and I was walking tall and straight, which for someone who suffers with back ache is rare. Mentally, I felt happier, rested and calm. Thai Yoga

Massage and Alyson were amazing. I have had a few massages in my life, but I never came out of one as reinvigorated as when I left Alyson’s treatment."

Mariaclara, London 

"I approached Aly earlier this year as I was interested to learn more about whether she could help to firstly increase my overall flexibility and secondly to release tension in my muscles, particularly my back.   Although I go to the gym regularly, I have noticed that my flexibility isn't great and therefore, I have been receiving monthly treatments with Aly.  I have been impressed with the overall effects - it has helped improve my flexibility and has released muscle tension which in part I attribute to having a desk bound job.  I find Aly's approach thorough and very professional and would not hesitate to recommend her."

Andrew, London

WPP – Corporate Client:
"Alyson is helping us with our employee health and wellbeing arrangements at the WPP London office and we are extremely happy with the positive feedback we have received from staff. Several of our people have commented on how pleased they are with the treatments given, with those who go to her regularly, noticing improvements in their posture and mobility. Our work is desk-based and so it is very helpful to have someone available to us who is able to help with tension in the back and shoulders. Whether she is responding to specific treatment needs or assisting employees with relaxation and general fitness, we have found Alyson to be reliable, friendly and helpful and we are very pleased to have her working with us."

Marie Capes, Director of Finance and Administration, WPP London

"I have had several treatments with Alyson. Her treatment which is Thai Yoga Massage and is undertaken fully clothed, is not only relaxing but also hugely restorative. I have a slightly fractured relationship with sleep since I had my young son who disrupts my sleep, and post one of her sessions I have always slept deeply and well, which is a huge benefit to me. I should also say that what I particularly like about her is her professionalism - she genuinely cares about getting it right and this means that rather than just having a massage - you feel you have visited a "practitioner" who knows what she is doing. I would have no hesitation in recommending her." 

Anon, London

"Not long after starting my current office job, I developed sciatic nerve problems after lifting a heavy box in the office.  The pain is intermittent.   On one occasion, after 4 days of considerable pain, Aly offered to do some manipulation to alleviate the pain and to improve the flexibility in my lower back.  Her approach was incredibly professional and she clearly is an expert in what she does as the following morning the pain had disappeared and I felt like a new woman!" 

Kate, Hertfordshire

"I received two treatments from Aly to relieve stress and areas of muscle tension and was most impressed by her professionalism and results of my treatment. I felt relaxed, fully invigorated, alert and free from tension due to the nature of the treatment and assisted deep stretches. I intend to continue treatments and would highly recommend anyone to seek treatments with Aly."

Sharon, London

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