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Indian Head Massage 

This effective massage has its origins in the ancient Indian medical system of Ayurveda and has been practiced for thousands of years in India. In our modern society stress, poor posture, pollution and lack of exercise and fresh air all contribute to a variety of ailments which settle on the head and shoulders. Indian Head Massage aims to release the stress that has accumulated in the tissues, muscles and joints of the head, face, neck and shoulders to invigorate, stimulate, refresh and bring a sense of calmness and focus.


The treatment:

  • Starting with a shoulder and neck massage to relax the muscles where stiffness, knots and tension are often stored

  • Gentle and stimulating techniques are then applied to the scalp, followed by gentle acupressure to points on the face and ears to relieve any sinus pressure, stimulate circulation and increase alertness.

It is both subtle and deep and will leave you feeling relaxed, calm, energised, revitalised with increased concentration.   Some of the benefits include:


  • Relaxation for muscles providing immediate relief from aches

  • Disperses toxins from tense and knotted muscles

  • Relaxes the whole body

  • Improves blood circulation and Increases oxygen uptake in the tissues and the brain

  • Stimulates lymphatic system – aids detoxification from the whole body

  • Helps relieve: earache, eyestrain, tinnitus, sinusitis/congestion, tension headaches/migraines

  • Releases anxiety and stress




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