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  • Reduced absenteeism


  • More alertness, focus : higher productivity


  • Reduced time spent out of office attending physio & related appointments


  • Promotes general wellbeing :  feel-good factor = happier workforce


  • Easily accessible treatment : typically set up in First Aid Room/small meeting room


  • Targeted treatments, to individuals’ requirements utilising combination of techniques.  Staff return quickly to their tasks afterwards


  • Corporate Responsibility :  importance of health & wellbeing for all staff

  • Recommended duration of treatment:  30 minutes but up to 1 hour can be accommodated where appropriate



  • Relieves anxiety, stress, mental tiredness, fatigue, eyestrain, relaxes tense aching muscles


  • Improved posture and joint mobility – especially the neck and shoulder region


  • Calms the nervous system and helps boost immune system


  • Alleviates headaches, backache, repetitive strain injury, sinus problems, carpal tunnel syndrome


  • Supports the body in the healing process


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