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This natural and effective facial massage is based on the energy and balancing principles of the ancient Indian medicine system of Ayurveda.  It utilises gentle and rhythmic acupressure massage and lymphatic drainage techniques in conjunction with natural Ayurvedic oil* and works on specific “marma” (energy) points on the shoulders, face, neck and head.  As with the energy rebalancing and detoxing system in reflexology, the same principles are applied to points on the face, head and shoulders which, it is believed, relate to vital organs in the body, thereby allowing better nutrient, oxygen and energy flow. 

The treatment stimulates lymph flow and micro-circulation to release toxins, tonifies and nourishes the skin, relaxes tight facial, neck and shoulder muscles due to built-up stress and promotes the regeneration of healthy, younger looking skin.  During the treatment, tensions and stresses are soothed away and a deep relaxation and calm is experienced.

The most effective anti-ageing results can be seen if carried out once a week for 6 weeks, however, after one treatment the skin is left glowing and you will notice a refreshed and de-stressed appearance.

​*the oil used is completely natural and is not tested on animals.  It is in line with Ayurvedic medicine and is tri-doshic making it suitable for anyone.

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