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What is Thai Yoga Massage?

It is an ancient form of healing massage, brought to Thailand from India by a physician around 2,500 years ago.  It is a full body treatment, practised in loose comfortable clothing (to allow for ease of movement) on a thick mat or futon on the floor. It is based upon the ancient belief that life force (prana) circulates around the body along energy lines, and blockages along these pathways result in pain and other related problems both physically and emotionally.  The treatment releases “blockages” by utilising rhythmic and meditative acupressure techniques applied along the energy lines, together with assisted yogic stretches and gentle joint mobilisation.  It is often referred to as “lazy man’s yoga” as the yogic stretches administered by the therapist mimic yogic postures to give a similar effect as a full yoga workout!  This effective treatment opens inflexible areas, stimulates and balances the flow of energy to assist the body to achieve balance physically, mentally and spiritually and allows the body to heal, achieve re-alignment, prevent ill-health and gives the ultimate stretch! 

It is ideal for anyone regardless of their age, state of health or level of flexibility with the yogic stretches adapted to suit the individual – just lie back, relax and let go!   You will leave feeling relaxed, calm and revitalised with your tensions released!

What can Thai Yoga Massage help with?

- Back pain, neck & shoulder tension
- Sciatica
- Repetitive strain injuries
- Re-align poor posture
- Improve muscle tone & flexibility
- Constipation / sluggish digestion
- Menstrual pain and irregularities
- Headaches and migraines
- Insomnia
- Fatigue / low energy levels
- Nervous tension, anxiety, stress, depression
- Improve circulation
- Stimulate lymphatic drainage
- Boost and support immune system
- Aids elimination of toxins and water retention
- Create mental clarity, calmness and “centeredness”
- Lowers blood pressure


It is The Ultimate Stretching Experience!

A full body treatment can be performed for 1/1.5 hours but a more extensive massage of 2 hours is preferable.

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